vendredi 7 janvier 2011

Small talk

You know, those old ladies in the supermarket who try to engage on a conversation with you and won´t let go until they´re ready with what they have to say and actually never are unless you put an end to the conversation yourself by leaving with your heart aching because you just abandoned someone who just needed to talk because they got no one to talk to?
I pray everyday i never want to be that old lady.

E.T . Home.

After writing the last post, i started thinking about how many places i had lived in since i was born and came to a total of 19 places.

I have had 19 different homes in the last 31 years, in 5 different countries.
This is HUGE compared to other people.

Funny how i´d never thought about this before... but maybe this is why i can never stay in one place for too long? I´m just too used to moving around all the time.
I´ve been accustomed to seeing and living something new continuously since my youngest age. Maybe this is also the reason why i get bored very quickly by everything?
The worse, is that i actually can´t decide if this is harming me more than it is benefiting my life.

Maybe that´s my pattern: to always have a lot of things that never last for a long time. Just like the people i love(d). They too never last(ed) for a long time.

I am so getting myself a "best-before date" tag.


Things... Who need things? I don´t. Things usually prevent you to go away when you want to. So basically, i just store "things" in my head. Funnily enough, i fail to memorize a lot of things, but there are things i can´t forget, like the toys our father gave us and that got stolen when my sister and i were kids. Those things i´d like to still have and carry around forever.