vendredi 7 janvier 2011

E.T . Home.

After writing the last post, i started thinking about how many places i had lived in since i was born and came to a total of 19 places.

I have had 19 different homes in the last 31 years, in 5 different countries.
This is HUGE compared to other people.

Funny how i´d never thought about this before... but maybe this is why i can never stay in one place for too long? I´m just too used to moving around all the time.
I´ve been accustomed to seeing and living something new continuously since my youngest age. Maybe this is also the reason why i get bored very quickly by everything?
The worse, is that i actually can´t decide if this is harming me more than it is benefiting my life.

Maybe that´s my pattern: to always have a lot of things that never last for a long time. Just like the people i love(d). They too never last(ed) for a long time.

I am so getting myself a "best-before date" tag.

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