jeudi 23 juin 2011

And you thought Hitler had died...

Today i´m in an agressive mood. I´m tired from my night at work yesterday. I´ve been drinking way too much these last days. And i´ve also been hanging out in front of my computer too much, blame it on Facebook and now also

Anyway, I´m angry today so i´m writing an angry post too. Word.

I live in Hannover, capital of Lower-Saxony, a city that has been destroyed to 90% during World War II.
As one could be lead to think, Germans my generation (1979, plus-minus) must certainly have forgotten about the damage, both physical and psychological, of WW2, and now lead a nice, peaceful existence thinking that what Hitler has done was bad but that, Thanks God, it´s over, and this is now all HISTORY.

How wrong was i to think it could have been HISTORY, for Hitler is still alive in many a German´s mind. And by the looks of it, he´s still doing his job pretty well at terrifying people.
Not a day passes by without receiving an invitation to a lousy Anti-Nazi march, Anti-Nazi party, Anti-Nazi anything. In Hannover there are even clubs labelled Anti-Nazi, which i think is completely out of the place. Party yes. Political party (whith no crappy wordplay), NO.

It looks to me as Germans somehow still felt guilty and ashamed about what happenned during WW2. But guys, this is fucking HISTORY now. It is OVER. It´s 70 years old!!! And no, it is not happening again (we hope). And above all, you are NOT responsible for what happened.

Maybe this is some kind of "After War Syndrom" though.
I was born in a country destroyed by its neighbours, Lebanon, and every time i meet an Israeli, the first thing they usually tell me is how sorry they feel for what has been done to my country. And i´m usually like, it´s ok guys, it´s not really your fault now if your friends and fathers and cousins had to fight. It´s no one´s fault, but the government´s really. And most of all, it is bloody over. Is is HISTORY. Just like in Germany. Hitler has died. The war is over. And, there has been enough time for redemption. Now, subject closed.

Always bringing it back doesn´t make it die, it keeps it more alive than ever.
I don´t want to live in the reminders of Hitler and WW2. It just brings me back to where I come from. To the 10 years i´ve spent with my family moving from one house to another by fear of being bombed. To the countless nights in underearth shelters, trying to sleep, terrified by the sounds of bombs outside.

I´m just so fed up with ant-facists, and anti-nazis and all that crap. Just shut the fuck up and let it die, bitch.

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