mardi 14 février 2012

The Coca Cola of the Music Industry

Hello bitches, long time no see!

After reading the following article ( on how Laurent Garnier publicly trashes Ed Banger, I just couldn´t keep my mouth shut.
Those who know me, know I´ve a thing with Marketing. Marketing has been my longtime boyfriend. It is my longest relationship and I wish it a Happy Valentine´s day!

Now back to Laurent Garnier. My tought on this, is that today more than ever:

- Music is an Attitude
- Marketing is king (look at Lana del Rey)
- and Life is a Bitch.

If you´ve a problem with whoring yourself out to serve both your interests and your passion, you´d better either be extremely talented and lucky to be able to sell your music, or you quit being a musician. Or else, you stay a musician, but stop complaining that others are achieving fame and financial success by using a different strategy than yours.

Everyone´s objective is different.
But most of all, Music is a game. It´s entertainment! It´s fun! It definitely should be marketed.
Ed Banger and Sound Pellegrino are the Coca Cola of the music industry: they know the power of branding. And I love that to them, music isn´t just music. It´s ´become a core product out of which you can create your own brand and use it in so many different ways to reach fans. Kudos for this guys!

I love Laurent Garnier´s music, but honestly, there is so much more to music than just music.

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